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The Problem with Designers

It’s not right that ego often taints good design by focusing more on the designer’s preferences than the client’s needs.

We believe that a designer’s vision is never more sacred than solving their clients’ problems.

“Good design is problem solving.”

– Jeffrey Veen

Meet Glenn Tatsu


The founder and Principal Designer of Qub3 Studios is a highly creative tactician with a compelling desire to solve problems through design. Many clients consider him a trusted friend.

Among other things, Glenn believes:


  • That clean lines and timeless designs will serve you and yours today and for years to come
  • That settling is for soil, not clients, so he strives to craft the most appropriate design, not the easiest-to-produce design
  • That the most appropriate design is the one that most precisely frames your one-of-a-kind requirements
  • That, ultimately, a design is only as good as it’s execution (it’s why he and his team prefer to review all trades)
  • That deep connection with clients creates the environment for great design
Qub3 Studios CEO Glenn Tatsu

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